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Entrepreneur, Speaker, Spiritual Life & Biz Coach


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Hear what others have to say

“This comment is completely unsolicited: working with Olga has completely changed my life. I’ve been in health and wellness for 5 years, co-authored a book and was completely floundering.

I prayed nightly asking God for direction.

I met Olga out of the blue, our meeting was so by chance. She was the answer to my prayers though as she gave me direction and clarity.

I have my first free offer, I am building my list, have companies coming to me for collaboration with affiliate programs, have started seeing paid clients, and I am about to launch my first course. My life has done a 180, even personally, I am forever grateful Olga! ”

Working with Olga reset my way of thinking about my entire life.

It gave me a blueprint to increase my emotional state and practice mindfulness. I feel so much happier and excited about my new environment I am creating.





Working with Olga has helped me to reframe how I felt and what I believed about myself and others especially during my last 2 most stressful months. 

I have learned that I am capable of just observing without reacting. I have learned that I am capable of loving and accepting ME, just as I am.

Because of Olga - I am now connected to my authentic voice just like I had it when I was little and happy.





Olga is an Inspiration and a force of nature!

C. B.


C. B.


Olga, you have such a beautiful heart and spirit! Keep being authentic self and shine on!





Olga is my amazing business and spiritual coach who helped me find myself and the best in me. 

Girl! You are a shining star! Your light sparkles and shines all the time! You are an inspiration to so many.

Nancy W.


Nancy W.


Awww... I listened to our pre-recorded session together again. And I am crying with happy tears of relief. It is incredibly touching & beautiful, Olga!! For the first time since my divorce, I felt loved and accepted again! Thank you!

Thank you for sharing about your own dark shadows. It made me feel more included as your words were the ultimate confirmation for me that indeed there is nothing wrong with me.

Love - Sherry S.


Love - Sherry S.


Thank you, Olga, for helping me find a calling aligned with my heart. After only 2 hours working with you, I went from feeling scattered to having finally more clear directions.   

I can’t thank you enough!

Lisa M.


Lisa M.


You have no idea what a positive impact you’ve had on my life and biz through your encouragement. I’m forever grateful!

Mary F.


Mary F.



Meet Olga

Olga Szakal, a Business and Wellness Lifestyle Expert for women over 40, and a Host of #MidLife Boss TV.

Olga Szakal, Founder of #MidLifeBoss Academy: a training platform for spiritual midlife women to get healthy, build a profitable business, and create a legacy through designing their best second act.

An Entrepreneur, Author, and Humanitarian committed to teaching MidLifeBoss Sisters to discover their authentic voice so that they can fall madly in love with their lives and build a great legacy.


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